Goldray Glass remains fully operational while being as safe as possible.

Goldray collaborates with architects, designers, and glaziers to create decorative architectural glass for a large variety of interior and exterior projects throughout North America. We have built a reputation with our customers as a firm willing to take on the most challenging design installations. Our continued investment in new technologies keeps us ahead of the industry curve.

Our mission is to create value by innovating in the built environment and to construct a solution-focused, collaborative setting that gives our partners the freedom to explore their own creativity. We are driven by our pride in workmanship, and we provide outstanding service to our customers, who expect quality and an exceptional experience. Whatever the project, we offer more ways to efficiently install glass. Goldray products inspire.

Architects and Designers can request samples of some of our glass products directly from Material Bank. A platform that powers complex searches across hundreds of manufacturers and is the fastest way to search and sample materials.