At Goldray, we believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to do their part in reducing environmental impact. As a member of both the U.S. Green Building Council and the Canada Green Building Council, we are committed to providing products that will help to promote sustainability within the construction industry. We understand our obligations and take actions that will reduce our own environmental impact in both product development and internal functions.

Goldray's Green Initiatives


Goldray introduced an electronic tracking system and significantly reduced paper usage in the factory. In addition, we recycle all types of paper used in both the office and factory. We only purchase recycled paper, helping to further the supply and demand for recycled paper products.


Equipment has been installed and plant processes improved to reduce plastic consumption in the factory by 30%.All plastic used in the office and factory is sent to the recycling center.


All cardboard used in the office and factory is sent to the recycling center.


Goldray recycles all of its toner cartridges and purchases recycled cartridges.


All glass (with the exception of laminated and painted glass) is sent to the recycling center and made into glass beads, which are then added to road paint to give it reflective properties. Goldray is working with a company in Australia to bring laminated glass recycling technology to North America.


All Goldray literature is purchased from a printing company certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The paper stock is certified from well-managed forests, controlled sources, and recycled wood or fiber. We also offer electronic versions of all of our technical information and brochures for those who do not wish to have printed copies.

Glass Samples

Goldray has implemented a "green" glass sample system to reduce the amount of waste generated in this area.

Metals and Toxins

Goldray has eliminated the use of leaded pigments in coatings and significantly reduced the use of toxic chemicals in our processes.