To create the architectural glass canopy, Spencer Finch developed a circular design pattern with five different hues and five different opacities, to control and vary the amount of light filtered through. Goldray Glass applied this design to a technographic interlayer film, which was then laminated between two lites of glass. Goldray's Technographic Interlayer process uses a polyester film that can be printed with high-resolution images and virtually all color profiles can be achieved. The result is a versatile decorative glass product that accommodates a vast range of image and design possibilities, and is ideal for both interior and exterior applications. To ensure the desired effect was achieved on site, a finished segment of the decorative glass canopy was placed over the plaza using a crane before the final installation was completed.

Vulcan is a huge supporter of public art, with this architectural glass canopy adding to their 18 other public art commissions in Seattle's South Lake Union area. With this installation, Amazon Vulcan Block 44 adds to the vibrancy of the community and brings the serene beauty of the forest into downtown Seattle.